About Waleed

A Lifetime of Experience

Following High School, Waleed Qirbi studied at the University of Western Ontario where he completed his B.A. in Honours Political Science in 1995.  Following two years of work with CANMEDOR, a Canadian Start-Up company in Healthcare, Waleed continued to the University of Toronto's Joseph L. Rotman School of Management to study in its M.B.A. program in 1997.  

During his time at the University of Toronto, Waleed was diagnosed with a tumour that resulted in the permanent loss of most of his sight, but none of his "vision".  Following treatment, Waleed returned to complete his M.B.A., and resume his service as a Junior Fellow at Massey College.  He was awarded the ProScience Scholarship at the University of Toronto in 2000, and graduated in 2001. 

Following his M.B.A., Waleed started VoicePC, a company committed to enhancing the lives of its clients by building the first voice enabled personal computers.  In 2004, Waleed returned to Ottawa, and established VoicePC as a leading Canadian company in the field of Speech Recognition Solutions, and developed partnerships with Nuance Communications and Philips, and continues working directly with clients in assisting them transition to the technology.  

Waleed currently lives and works in Kanata with his wife, Fatoum.  He is an active member of the business community, and serves on the Loan Review Committee of the Ottawa Community Loan Fund, as well as the Loan Review Committee at Invest Ottawa on behalf of Futurpreneur Canada.   Waleed continues providing  mentoring services to startup companies on a volunteer basis, and loves working with young entrepreneurs as they pursue their dreams.   He continues to be an active member of the University of Toronto Alumni Network in Ottawa, and serves as a Representative of the University, and the Rotman School of Management, in Ottawa.

Waleed speaks five languages, and is fluent in English and French.